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  • The Most Friendly Operation

    Domain names/ records can be added immensely.

    DNS Ultimate is the first company to support IPv6, DNSSEC.

    Adding domain names/ records is free of charge without limited. A variety of common records, such as A, CNAME, SRV, URL redirection, etc, can meet your entire requirement.

    Automatic records transmission and immediate effect

    After adding domain names, most common DNS records in old server can input automatically, seamless mobility and simple operation.

    Because many people are able to share one domain name to manage, it becomes more convenient.

    If enterprise personnel administer a domain name jointly, it is needless for them to log in one account for the share function can fill the needs.

    Grouping domain names,multiple accounts can be on-line simultaneously.

    Grouping domain names by users themselves, it is convenient for them to search. To sign in to multiple accounts at once, it is easier to handover management.

    Client/ API, mobile version

    DNS Ultimate provides dynamic resolution/batch processing client, simple operation and easily use it. API document opens up almost all interface of DNS Ultimate, so both common users and domain name registrar enable to build their function and service at will. What’s more, DNS Ultimate mobile version can be used whenever and wherever needed.
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