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  • The Most Advanced Core Technology

    Cloud DNS

    The most advanced technology of cloud DNS cluster in the world.DNS Ultimate devotes itself to professional research in the field of DNS for 8 years, so DNS Ultimate own the perfect resolution system ----professional, high-speed, stable and safe. Fixing countless emergent mistakes of DNS, DNS Ultimate always provides users with best services. By November, 2013, DNS Ultimate arranged 40 domestic cloud cluster nodes and 8 nodes abroad. Over 436 servers are providing services at the same time including more than 370 gigabit- level DNS servers, 60 ten gigabit-level servers, and 10 cloud cluster nodes, which can provide DNS revolution services safely and stably for users.

    New, high performance program server-side of DNS

    New, high performance and empowered server software of DNS that developed it with great concentration. The speed of resolution has been improved greatly, and the capability of resolution can reach 8,900,000 per second. Compared with the previous DNS program, the speed of new one has lifted by almost 20 times, and it is hundreds times faster than mainstream DNS resolution. Upgrading the server cluster from gigabit to ten gigabit, and equipping with anti-attack algorithm, the single nodes’ capability of defense attack is able to reach 40G.

    The unique DNS defense attack

    DNS Ultimate is the top of its profession.DNS attack detection and defense technology can detect and defend against DNS attack in real-time. The capability of defense attack is able to attain 200G per second, and the console enables to bear the volume of requests up to 11 million Q/S. The users will free from worry for because DNS Ultimate is protecting their websites’ security and stability.

    The most reliable infrastructure at the age of big data

    DNS Ultimate devotes itself to providing the most technological and most reliable in the whole internet at the age of big da ita.

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