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  • The most thoughtful website shutdown monitor:


    D-Monitor is a monitor service developed by DNS Ultimate to provide for every web master and operator. It concentrates on websites monitor. It is easy-to-use and friendly to mobile terminal. The unique functions are shutdown switch.

    High-performance detection
    The serviceability is to search 500,000 websites at most every second.

    Enormous and efficient storage
    It is possible to store 3 million monitor result data (500,000 websites are stored in 6 detection points) and parallel expansion as well as seek historical data efficiently.

    Accurate and real- time warning
    Through collecting the information of every detection point and shutdown judgment, 1.5 million change events can be detected everyday and 200,000 shutdown warning.

    Comprehensive function
    D-Monitor plunk for augment, abatement, research and revision of monitor items, HTTP diagnosis, CNAME monitor and report forms interface, etc.

    HTTP monitor
    Monitor setting is flexible. Users are able to customize hosts and http, etc.
    Various choice of monitor rate ensures the monitor flexibility and it takes 1 minute at most.
    Monitor points are as many as 12, which enable to be chosen by users themselves, to ensure the reliability and accuracy of monitor.

    Shutdown switch
    Record of DNS Ultimate is switched automatically when website is shutdown.
    Various switch algorithms satisfy the demand of different users.

    Shutdown notice
    Different ways to notify (email, SMS) ensure users to receive information in real-time and reliably.
    Meanwhile, it can inform other shared managers.
    Users can handle all kinds of information much more flexible because of the URL callback support.

    D report form
    Users will receive monitor report forms regularly by email.
    It helps users to understand their website more completely.

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