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    International financial domain name registry

    Fi is the only shorthand for financial finance;

    . Com. Fi is the exclusive domain of the Financial company, by com (Commerce) and fi (Financial), different from general top-level domain (gTLD) and local domain names (ccTLD), such as com,.net and. Com. Cn,. Com. Hk, the domain name is mainly applied to Financial Financial industry (such as: payment, funds, finance, insurance, banking, credit reporting, the raise, loans, securities, etc.).

    For example, abcd company is abcd. The abcd finance company is (full name: abcd Commerce Financial), which is used in Financial and Financial type enterprise identification.

    Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the international financial domain registration authority has offices in New Jersey (USA: +1 (201) 624-8855) and guangzhou, China (China tel: 400-827-3378).

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